BA – 3rd year Answer English language paper second

Make a precis of the given passage with a suitable title

10 For children too there is no greater instrument of education than conversation they hear at home.

It is unjust to them when nothing is spoken before them but trifles of dress, the gossip of the neighbourhood, the cares of the household which press so heavily upon the parents, the follies and vanities of the world which are hardly apprehdended by their innocent minds, they are naturally imitative and a great part of their character is derived from their parents.

f there is no life or mirth in a house the children of the house will be commonly dull and stupid; and if they never hear subjects rationally discussed, they will not learn to think or reason if the world in which use live is allowed to pass unheededly. they will be without interest, listless and unobservant.

This home education which they acquire insensibly is as important as the mere formal work of the school and it is as much duty to provide food for their minds as for their bodies. they do not live by bread alone, but by every world that proceeds out of the mouth.

Precis – This home education is a means for children to read, parents should give good education to their children so that their character building can be done well, so that their desire to think and understand and reason can be generated, so that the future of the children is bright.

Suiteble title -home education

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