B.sc , B.A. , B.com 2 year Answer English language paper ( Bilaspur University )

  1. Answer qucation

Q.1- What do you mean by the phrase: “All men are Scientists”?

Ans. All men are scientists’, by this phrase we mean that, all men generally adopt the same method of working that a scientist adopts. A scientist uses his reason and draws a conclusion. This is done by almost all men.

Q.2- Describe Kanada’s atomic theory.

Ans. Kanad is about 600 B.C. wrote about his atomic theory. According to Kanda, everything is made up of Paramanu. When matter is divided, then further divided, till no further division is possible, the remaining indivisible entity is called paramanu. This entity does not exist in a free state, nor can it be sensed through any human organ. It is eternal and indestructible. He further told, that there is a variety of paramanu as different as the different classes of substances then believed to exist, namely, earth, water, air and fire. Each paramanu has a peculiar property which is the same as the class of substance it belongs to.

Q.3- Why does the agony of plant leave us indifferent?

Ans. Agony of plant leave us indifferent as we cannot see it struggling nor realise its pain.

Q.4 – What role do the satellites play in communication?

Ans. The satellites play in communication in soplhisticated satellites have created new communication networks.

Q.5- Who become millionaires in a few years in computing business.

Ans. the two teenage founders of apple computer became millionaires in a few years in computing business.

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