B.A / B.Com / B.Sc ( Part – 3 ) English language Third Answer pepar

Question no 1-Write a Summary of the short story “Death of a Clerk” in your own words.

Ans. There was a clerk named Iva Dmitrich Chervyakov, who happened to sneeze while he was in a theatre. In the front row was sitting a Russian General of the ministry of communication. The clerk felt that he sneezed over him and went to him to apologise. But the General did not reply in a positive manner. The clerk thought that the General did not forgive, so the clerk tried again and again. At last the General scolded him very badly. He stumble mechanically home and lay down on the sofa and died.

Quastion no 1-What qualities of head and heart made Vikramaditya so well loved a king?

Ans. People loved Vikramaditya greatly because he was a powerful and gentle king. He was the greatest judge in history. He was never deceived. He never punished the wrong man. He could very well answer the difficult questions. His heart was tender

दुर्ग जिले मे पशु पालन विभाग मे निकली बन्फर भर्ती, जाने apply करने की पूरी जानकारी

Question no 3- Write a summary of the essay ‘Bores’ in your own word.

Ans. To write about bores is very difficult a bore is always unaware of the fact that he bores others. He always thinks that he is a very companionable person and is liked by all.

Author has scretched many word pictures of such bore people. Some bores are like who always talk about themselves. They are always engaged in self-praise. They always explain their central role among all matters.

“Bores” is a fine example of reformist purpose hidden behind a mask gentle humour in a human nature, even notorious bores can be sure of a tolerant, if not exactly sympathetic audience, because all of us hesitate to say truthfully that we find our companion boring.

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Q. 4 Write an essay of Rationalistic Religion. धार्मिक विचारशीलता पर एक निबंध लिखें।

Bastar B.Com. 2011, B. A. 2012) Ans. Religion is used to run the society in the right way where people should know their rights and perform their duties. People should do their duties in the right way due to fear of God. As materialism progressed people lost their faith in religious rituals

and dogmas. Many religions were started though there was not much difference in their basic thought. All the religion paved the way for human emancipation and well being. Now people think with reason and examine everything Scientifically. Hence, science has taken the place of much importance in the lives of the people. Some people have left spiritual faith. Some people also regard science as an enemy of religion but it is not so.

Many of reasonable people want a harmonious co-operation between science and religion, because only in this lies true human salvation and only on this thought can our rationalistic religion stand and flourish, which is the need of hour.

जशपुर जिले मे टीचर के लिए 250 से अधिक पदो मे निकली बंफर भर्ती , जाने पूरी जानकारी

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