Chhattisgarsh Open 12th class English Subject All Questions Solution 2021 ( 25 Question Solution )

Q.1 (A) choose the correct answer among the choice given below.

  1. (a ) 10 July 1949
  2. (c) both of Them
  3. (c) Tamil Nadu
  4. (b) benson
  5. (b) Vincent charles
  6. (c)
  7. her younger sister
  8. jawaher lal Neharu
  9. sulekha
  10. nuberndra

Q2. How did Canada’s Uncle keen observation help Gavaskar in retaining his identity .

Ans. Gavaskar’s uncle had an observing eye. When gabaskar was born his uncle noticed a hole on his left earlobe though he did not disclose it to anyone. When he came to see the baby again he ralised the baby did not have a hole on his earlobe. Immediately the baby with a hole on earlobe was searched. Luckuly gavaskar was found near a fisherwoman. He was brought back to his parents. If nan kaka had not observed it, gavaskar would have grown up to be an obscure fisherman and would not have achieved the fame and identity he received as a batsmen. Thus, nan kaka’s keen observation helped gavaskar retain his identity.

Q.3. What kind of life did the winner’s grandfather lead when he was a small boy, in the lechon “father Dear Father ‘?


The question is asked from the story Father, Dear Father. In this story , the writer’s grandfather lead a very carefree and happy life when he was a small boy.

During his own childhood, the grandfather would place the fruits like guavas or mangoes from his orchard. He used to go to the picnics with his friends to enjoy the meal they have cooked on their own.

Living life fully was considered important in

those days.

Q.4 What are the advantages of using wind energy?


Advantages of Wind Power

Wind power is cost-effective.

• Wind creates jobs.

• Wind enables U.S. industry growth and U.S. competitiveness. It’s a clean fuel source.

. Wind is a domestic source of energy. It’s sustainable.

• Wind turbines can be built on existing farms or ranches.

Q.5 Who was Evans Where was he going?


This question is based on the short story ‘Evans Tries an O-level,’

Evans was a prisoner. The prison staff called him as ‘Evans the Break’ because he had successfully escaped from prison three times previously. He was a good-humoured, peace loving and amusing person. However, he was a kleptomaniac and had the habit of stealing things.

Evans was heading towards the Golden Lion in the middle of Clipping Norton after successfully escaping from the jail. He escaped by pretending to parson McLeery.

Q.6 Why had the Intruder come to Gerrard’s house?

Ans. The Intruder entered Gerrard’s cottage because he wanted to kill him and take his identity because he was Gerrard’s look alike. He wanted to escape from the cops as he was a jewel robber and a murderer on run. The intruder was a criminal. 04-Oct-2015

Q.7 What weapon did Baldeo carry? Who had made it?

Ans. Baldeo used to carry his axe with him always He never parted with it. The axe head was of pure steel and had been made by his father over charcoal fire. He could cut down trees with it and if the situation required, could hunt with it and protect himself also.

Q.8 What weapon did Baldeo carry? Who had made it?

Ans. Aradhana (English: Worship) is a 1969 Indian romantic drama film directed by Shakti Samanta, … Soon afterward, Arun dies in an air crash, leaving behind a heartbroken and pregnant Vandana.

Q.9 What saved India from complete deterioration Give two reasons .

ans. Both the selection of issues and the choice of language are deeply worrying…. The controversy has thrown up two worrying features of the Indian political discourse…. are good examples in how not to concede an inch politically to the BJP… as a full-fledged Indian rather than a Westernised revolutionary.

Q.10 What incident made Bholi a backward child?

Ans . All his children were very healthy but his youngest daughter Sulekha was a backward child. When she was ten months old she fell down from the cot and a pan of her brain was damaged. When she was two years old she had an attack of smallpox. Her face was permanently disfigured by deep black pock-marks.

Q.11 If Nan-kaka had not noticed the hole on his ear where would he be living?

Ans . The author remarks to this event because if Nankaka would have not observed the hole in his ear he would have been living a life of an obscure fisherman wandering somewhere at the West Coast.

Q.12 What does poet mean by “where knowledge is free”?

Ans. Where knowledge is free” means that the poet prays for the land where the education is free. Explanation: The question is asked from the poem ‘Where the Mind is Without Fear’ which is written by the famous writer Rabindranath Tagore.

Q.13.Why was the poet ( Kamla Das) not able to read the books?

Ans. After the death of the grandmother, the house withdrew into silence. Why was the poet not able to read the books? The poet was too small to read books at that time.

The poet has also used the similes of a brooding dog to show her inability to pay a visit to her grandmother’s house. She has also used suggestive visual imagery of blind eyes of the windows and the frozen air’ to convey the idea of death and desperation.

Q.14 Do as directed-(any two)

A. Gavaskar Broke his mother’s rose .

Ans. how did gavaskar break his mother nose.

B. I shall not keep your advice in mind


Q.15 Do as directed: (any three)

A. Teacher said. “The earth moves around the sun.

B. I saw a lion

C. Swimming is a gerund into sentence .

Q.16 De as directed: (any three)

A. Every day is not Sunday

1. everyday.

2. The Mahanadi is bigger than all the rivers of Chhattisgarh.

3. Sita is an intelligent and beautiful girl.

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