Sarguja University B.Sc(Part-III) ENGLIGH Paper – II

Write a precis of the following passage and suggest a suitable title to it: 10

Power is not to be measured in terms of an individual person’s capacity for physical exertion. It is the capacity to achieve. The forceful sweeping current of water in flooded river is irresistible one shudders to even think of its destructiveness. But isn’t human being who builds a bridge acrose this destructive mass of water more powerful than it ? Man has been able to harness the forces of nature and use them for his own benefit. His success is found on his gasp of the laws of nature. There is power in mind, in water, in fire. A man sitting at the steering wheel of a vehicle has a great storehouse of energy and power at his disposal. But if he lacks the knowledge of how a vehicle is driven, he is utterly helpless. The secret of power of all the people lies in their knowledge.

Man is very strong physically and mentally. Whoever decides once, definitely finishes it, this is the ability of human beings. Humans are very curious, they should keep on learning so that the store of knowledge keeps increasing. It is inherent in all human society, it just needs to be understood.

Suitable title – human beings

Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below:

Life is too short and there is not enough time to do all things we want to. We tend to compare with others and get upsets when they seem to be doing well dismissing their achievements as pure luck or think that they have, support, help, approach…… that God is being too kind to them and not to us. But thinking serves no purpose. Life is tough for those with instant coffee’ attitude. Success, real success and happiness come to those who have a ‘bread-making’ attitude. Those who are willing to knead the dough, wait for hours for it to rise, then bake it before it is ready to be eaten. Nothing is instantaneous. Only if we are willing to spend time, put in painstaking effort and have faith, we can get results.

Write an essay on any one of the following topics

in about 500 words:

(i) Digial India

(ii) Cleanliness India Movement

(iii) Internet & E-mail: Milestone in Communication

(iv) Science and Human Life

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