Govt. V.Y.T Autonomous Collage Durg B.S.c , B.A. and 3 year English pepar answer


Section ‘A’

  1. Do as directed (any twenty): Insert suitable articles :

(i) Dictionary is a quick reference for various meanings of words.

(ii) They have sent Rahul to……………prison for hitting ……………….policeman on the head.

Fill in the blanks using one of the following words: (little, few, any, some, none, many)

(iii) There are very people who can honestly say that they have never told a lie.

1 × 20 = 20


They play was so bad that not. stayed until the end. people

of Karan’s colleagues shared his pessimistic view

Supply the correct form of the verb given in the brackets

(vi) Physics (was, were) the subject he was specializing as a student.

(vii) This scissors (is, are) blunt, give me another.

(viii) Weather (change, changes) all the time.

Supply the suitable tense forms of the verb given in brackets:

(ix) I (always have) trouble with my car these days.

By the end of last year Raina (read) four Wordsworth poems, and by the next year she (read) two more.

Complete the following conditional sentences :


He will not come unless,

(xii) If you had worked harder,

Fill in the blanks using the correct preposition:

(xiii) India is self-sufficient…………… wheat.

(xiv) I will meat you the ticket office.

(xv) He is getting married month. Raina next

(xvi) I waited twenty minutes.

Put the following into the Active form:

(xvii) The lion was caught in a trap.

(xviii) By whom was that letter written ?

Put the following into the Passive Voice :

(xix) You must iron this dress for tonight.

(xx) They gave the criminal a fair trial and sent him to prison.

Supply the missing Relative in the following sentences:

(xxi) I am looking for somebody trust. 1 can

a city bus.

(xxii) The letter…………………. received yesterday had not been stamped property.

Put into Reported speech :

(xxiii) Shut the door after you.

(xxiv) Have the children put away their toys ?

Fill in the blanks with the correct question tags :

(xxv) The giant was very selfish


(xxvi) Vikramaditya was a great king and judge ?

(xxvii) We rarely go to pictures on Sunday. .?

Change the adjectives given in brackets into their noun forms:

(xxviii) What is the of that mountain ?


(xxix) People normally stand in the queen. of the (present)

(xxx) He was delighted by the of welcome he received. (warm)

Section ‘C’

  1. (A) Answer of the following questions in about 100 words: (any two)

2 x 5 = 10

(1) Write a brief summary of the poem ‘Three Years She Grew’.

(ii) Write a summary of the essay ‘Bores’ in your own words.

(iii) Write a brief summary of the essay “Women and Development”.

(iv) Write a summary of the poem “The Mouse and the Snake” in your own words.

Write an essay on any one of the following topics:

(i) Problems of Unemployment,

(ii) Science and Human Life,

(iii) Responsibility of Media,

(iv) Importance of Sports and Games.

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